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Where it all began... now

Killarney Jaunting Cars Ltd. is a family run business which has been in operation for over 220 years. Today the business is managed by Michael Tangney Senior and his children Paul, Laura & Michael.

Michael Senior has a strong background in the industry having worked with horses all his life, and his first Jaunting Car Tour famously took place in 1959 when he took Gloria De Haven (American Actress) on a tour of the Killarney National Park.

Throughout his jarvey life he has enjoyed the opportunity to meet many people from all walks of life and build long-lasting friendships, something which is at the core of the Jaunting Car experience. In 2011, he was delighted to welcome back one of his dearest friends’ Maureen O’Hara to Killarney, and she shared some fond memories of her time on a Jaunting Car with John Wayne in the film “The Quiet Man”.

Michael’s children, Paul, Laura & Michael Junior were with their Dad on a Jaunting Car from a very young age, helping him greet people from all over the world and welcome them to Killarney. As the years went on and his children grew up, he showed them the reins and they joined the family business, each one armed with the ambition to continue and grow the legacy of what had been achieved by generations before.Today Michael Senior and his two sons Paul and Michael, along with a team of drivers, continue to welcome people from all over the world onto their Jaunting Cars. His daughter Laura works on the corporate side of the business partnering with the many Tour Operators Worldwide.

And that’s not the only change… since Micheal Senior took his first Jaunt in 1959, the business has grown considerably, now catering for both the individual traveller as well as large groups with a portfolio of Tours to choose from.

Please contact us to see the variety of tour options we now offer!

We base our service on a tradition of excellence. The most important element of our business is that we take pride in what we do and we want you to share in our tradition.

The Tangney Family

Killarney Jaunting Cars