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St. Mary’s Cathedral

Towering over Killarney Town, the medieval St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of Killarney’s oldest and most treasured pieces of architecture. Dating back to the 1840’s, the Cathedral, which was originally designed by famous English Architect, Agustus Welby Pugin, has a long and fascinating history. Work to its architecture was halted soon after its commencement due to Ireland’s great famine when it became a shelter and refuge for the poor and sickly of the town. Construction commenced again in 1853 but it was not until the year 1907 when the work on its iconic nave and spire were completed by Irish Architects Aislinn and Coleman of Dublin.

Additional work was carried out to the interiors of the Church in 1973 under the direction of Bishop Eamonn Casey in which much of its original interiors were damaged and replaced leading to great controversy.

The splendour of the Cathedral is at its most spectacular in the evening time when its gothic inspired architecture is lit to perfection, highlighting its magnificent symmetry and structure.

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