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1861 – Queen Victoria Puts Killarney On The Map

1861 is a year that will be forever famous in the town of Killarney as it is widely remembered as the year that Queen Victoria came to visit. Although the Queen and her royal gentry arrived in Killarney by train from Dublin, it was by a private Horse and Carriage that she visited Killarney’s most renowned beauty spots including Muckross Estate, (where she was a guest of the Herbert Family), Dinis Cottage, Muckross Abbey and of course Ross Castle and the Lakes of Killarney. There was no expense spared for this Royal visit with even a special boat, ‘The Royal Barge’ being purchased in London for the Royal’s Tour on the Lakes of Killarney.

Following the Queen’s visit, Killarney became a popular tourist destination owing to its well documented record of the royal stay in Irish & English newspapers as well as other leading publishing houses overseas.

Tourists from all over the world began to flock to the picturesque town, keen to experience the unique scenery of the location.

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