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How Many Killarney Attractions Can You Fit Into One Day ?

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful town of Killarney but for a good time not a long time….worried about how many of its famous attractions you can fit into one day….don’t know where to start? Never fear as the Killarney Jaunting Cars are here to give you all the tips and hints to ensure you see the very best of what Killarney has to offer and all in the blink of an eye – you’re welcome.

This action-packed itinerary will ensure you experience the most popular of Killarney’s hot-spots, breath-taking scenery and its notorious hospitality, all rolled into one epic day.

Here we go folks, just make sure you have your batteries charged!


9:15am – A Cruise Of The Famous Lakes Of Killarney

No trip to Killarney is complete without visiting its spectacular lakes and what better way to explore their glistening beauty than a unique Lake Cruise.

The first Lake Cruise on the Lily of Killarney departs at 9.15am from the grounds of Ross Castle so it’s an early start but you know what they say about the early bird and in this case, the peace and stillness of the lake in early morning will make you glad of the early wake-up call.

Hop on board the glass-covered MV Lake Cruiser and get ready to relax whilst learning about the wonders of the Killarney National Park by water in this 1-hour stunning Lake Cruise.

Enjoy the commentary from your local Tour Guide and Captain as he turns back the pages of the past whilst discussing some of the lakes’ most famous landmarks including Innisfallen Island and the ruins of its monastic settlement dating back to the 6th century as well as the unique wildlife and ecosystem of the National Park.

10:45am – A Tour Of Muckross House And & Walk Around Its Grounds

After the Lake Cruise, you will have just enough time to grab a quick coffee on the grounds of Ross Castle before a short 10-minute drive to the next location – the famous Victorian Mansion of Muckross House, situated on the grounds of Ireland’s very first National Park.

Built in the 19th century by Scottish Architect, William Burn, the Mansion House, famously visited by Queen Victoria in 1861, is indeed a sight to behold and a guided tour of its original period furnishings and history is well worthwhile.

Afterwards get lost in a leisurely stroll along its perfectly manicured lawns overlooking the Lakes of Killarney, and if that doesn’t spark the imagination, then discover its remarkable gardens including the Sunken, Rock and Stream Gardens – you won’t be disappointed.

12:45pm – A Visit To The Old Days With Muckross Traditional Farms

With a café on site, Muckross offers the best option to grab a quick bite to eat before jumping head-first into your next Killarney adventure.

Located close to the entrance of the National Park and just a 1-minute stroll from Muckross House itself, Muckross Traditional Farms are a must-see when visiting beautiful Killarney.

Be instantly transported back to the old Irish way of life in the 1930’s and 40’s pre-electricity, as you visit a simpler time and experience first-hand the daily chores of cottage life including butter and bread making by the Bean an Tí, (lady of the house).

Visit the Black Smith’s Forge and the Carpenter’s Workshop and gain an insight into old farming practices with authentic machinery and real-life farm animals.

3:00pm – The Magical Cascades Of Torc Waterfall

After the Farm, take a short 5-minute drive onwards from the National Park on the N71 and come to the cascading waters of Torc Waterfall. Towering at 66-foot-high, the majestic Waterfall which lies at the base of Torc Mountain, is at its most magnificent after heavy rainfall.

The Waterfall which forms part of the Kerry Way walking route is also popular for its number of loop walking trails including the Blue, Yellow and Red Trails, however we estimate that you will have just enough time to take in the beauty of the waterfall from a variety of differing heights via the stone path walkway which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete- go go go!

4:00pm – Get The Full Picture At Ladies View

Next up on our little sight-seeing hitlist is Ladies View, which is just another short two-minute drive from Torc Waterfall. The scenic viewpoint is ranked as one of the most photographed places in Ireland so your Instagram account will be glad you came.

The name Ladies View stems from the admiration of the view from Queen Victoria’s Ladies In Waiting in 1861 and provides some of the most panoramic vistas of the Killarney Lakes and Mountains.

Across the road, you will find the quaint Ladies View Industries, established in 1937, which to this day still houses Irish crafts and gifts. It also offers a popular Roof-Top Terrace which is the perfect place to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a nice cold beverage while taking in some of the most striking views of Killarney.

5:00pm – Giddy Up For Killarney National Park

After a day on the go, you may be in need of a little rest so a Jaunting Car Tour of the National Park followed by a rustic pizza and craft beer in the famous Killarney Brewery will be just what the doctor ordered.

Hop on your very own private Jaunting Car back in the town centre and get ready to sit back relax and take in the scenic views of the Killarney National Park from the Demense side. Experience the hustle and bustle of the vibrant town before entering the peace and quiet of the Park. Catch iconic views of St. Mary’s Cathedral on one side with sensational scenes of Ireland’s highest mountain range, the MacGillycuddy Reeks on the other.

Observe the Park’s famous herd of Red Deer up close and personal as you make your way to 15th Century Ross Castle, where you can look forward to exploring the ancient home of the O’Donoghue Clan and one of the last strongholds to surrender to the Cromwellian Army in the Irish Confederate War.

6:15pm – The Killarney Brewery For A Wood-Fired Pizza & Killarney Craft Beer

Jump back on board your carriage for the short 5-minute jaunt through the tree-lined avenue of Ross Road to your final destination, the Killarney Brewery. Once there, enjoy the buzz of the Brewery before diving into a delicious rustic wood-fired pizza and ice-cold Killarney craft beer – a just reward for experiencing the best of Killarney’s attractions in one single day. We predict an early night!

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