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1865- The Dynasty Of The Tangney Family Begins

By the mid 1860’s, the horse drawn carriage was a popular method of transport in Killarney, and fast becoming a commercial entity in its own right, with the locals ferrying tourists to and from the destination’s most loved scenic locations. The Tangney Family were on the “band wagon”, they were at the grass roots of the Jaunting Car business beginning in Killarney.

In the high valleys of the Gap of Dunloe, the Pony Men operated the lighter Pony & Trap, a Tub Trap while on the lower lying grounds of Killarney Town and the National Park, the Jarveys drove the Jaunting Car or Side Car, traditions and terminology that are still highly regarded to this very day.

The traditional Jaunting Car consisted of two seats for two people on either side, the drivers box seat, and a seat behind him with a view to the road behind. The well, a deep space in the middle of the car, stored the oats bag. When the Jarvey had no passengers, the two hinged seats would be drawn up.

Killarney Jaunting Cars