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1920 – The Tangney Family Reinforce Their Foothold Within the Jaunting Car Trade

Dan Tangney was next in the long line of Tangneys to grow the family’s foundation within the Jaunting Car trade.

Born in 1908,  he married Sheila Casey of the Black Valley and had 8 children. His main employment like Eugene was as a Game Keeper with the National Park, based in Kenmare Estate, then owned by The Grosvenor family.

As Head Gamekeeper, he was given a residence within the National Park in Reen house (built in 1839), where the future Michael Tangney Senior would grow up. As part of his Game Keeper duties, he welcomed many guests to the estate, driving them by Jaunting Car around the estate as well as hosting them on various hunting and fishing expeditions. In 1957 he had a working shooting accident and was unable to carry out his Game Keeper duties. It was around this time that he turned to the Jaunting Car business as his sole vocation.

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