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1960’s – The Radio Train Pulls Into Town

This era marked the influx of the Radio Trains which saw both national & international visitors flock to Killarney in their droves from the capital city of Dublin. These day return excursions, which initially arrived once a week, soon began arriving to Killarney three times a week due to their ever growing popularity and demand, with the trips taking place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during the high season.

The genius concept, which coupled live radio shows on the train with a unique sight-seeing trip to the South West’s most alluring scenic destination, brought an increase of business to the town, which by now was well underway to becoming Ireland’s biggest tourism success story.

This decade also saw Michael Tangney Senior, son of Dan Tangney, purchase his first commercial Jaunting Car for £45.00 along with his 4 year old pony, Tom.  As well as the Radio Train, Michael’s main source of business was working closely with the local hotels by offering their guests a Jaunting Car pick-up service. Michael and his loyal pony, Tom were on hand to welcome the visitors and showcase the wonderful sights and sounds of Killarney on board his Jaunting Car. As business developed the routes began to change to cater for the increasing numbers, the most popular journey being Muckross & Dinis Cottage as well as the famous Ross Castle.

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Killarney Jaunting Cars