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1970’s – The Jarvey, A Storyteller, A Comedian, A Companion And A Rogue

With the commerciality of the Jaunting Cars in Killarney continuing to thrive through the 1970’s and into the 1980’s, the popularity of the experience had proven itself as much part of the town’s present and future as it’s past.

Along with the well-trained horses, some of whom would even stop for a photo and move on after the click of the camera, many considered the Jarvey’s themselves the business’ secret ingredient for success. It was in this decade that many famous Jarveys such the late Whitty O’Sullivan, (the Singing Jarvey) came to the fore and served to highlight the fun-loving persona of the Jarvey, cementing their unique charm and character worldwide.  Jarvey’s today are known for their quick wit and vast array of local knowledge, their keen story-telling capabilities and charm, and of course their ability to captivate their next passenger at a drop of their peak cap.


Killarney Jaunting Cars