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2000’s-Killarney Jaunting Cars, A Journey of Tradition, A Tradition of Excellence

Laura, Michael’s only daughter also grew up in the business, working alongside her father and learning as she went along. On completion of her education, Laura returned back into the family business. Now that Michael Senior & Paul had provided a strong and firm foundation to the business, Laura brought a different aspect and approach which would help to take it to the next level. Michael Junior was soon to join the family enterprise and his new generation ideas and work ethic too enhanced the overall product offering. The company and the product began to evolve.

In 2010, the Jaunting Car, underwent a further progression when a roof was added to the carriage to protect passengers from the elements and thus improve the overall experience. Now the tour became a weather-proof trip, allowing the seasonality of the business to be extended. Killarney Jaunting Cars had become an all year-round attraction.

Killarney Jaunting Cars